Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're Getting It On..

The best best best part of summer (and remember I am a teacher, or was in a former life.. so there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for summer) is the fact that cooking is SOO much easier.  The hubby is a grill-o-maniac and frankly that makes planning dinners a lot easier. We get in this rut in winter months and I feel like are in a same ol' recipe rotation.
Monday: Meatloaf
Tuesday: Pasta of some sort
Wednesday: Homemade Pizza or something easily popped in the oven
Thursday: Crock pot something, most likely roast
Friday: Not taxing meal: order in pizza, Chicken Kiev (frozen here people!), etc..(this is usually take out..)
Why do we have regular recipe rotation? Because, in my opinion, my husband is picky. He doesn't like cumin, so anything Mexican is a most likely NO.  Anything that doesn't involve a potato is negligible.  And most definitely, anything he has never tried before is OUT! He says he's not, but I have gobs of cookbooks that have recipes that have never been touched that say otherwise. 

So summer comes and WE GET IT ON PEOPLE!!! (dirty minds, need not apply) Hubby is a great lover of the grill especially because his bribe, err I mean, gift for when we moved out to the Midwest was a fancy fangled three burner plus side burner MacDaddy grill which make grilling a cinch.  As a gift my girlfriend got me a subscription to Real Simple Magazine and they had a huge layout on ribs this issue. And so I'm passing along this uber simple, uber yummy rib recipe.  We have now made them twice and a small modification the second time around. I added half as much oregano, because that isn't one of my favorite spices.  We also used our favorite store bought BBQ sauce this time which was delicious.  We wanted a more classic rib flavor and WoWsErS it was good. If I were one of those wicked cool bloggers, I would have a pic.. Lo Siento. I'm not that cool.. Just trust me they are good!

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