Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing Sisters Exclamation Point

With all of this moving, packing, housing closing business, I have not had a chance to sew at all. At night I'm packing or the hubby and I are looking and investigating the latest things we need for the house. My husband is all about the investigating. But my sister commissioned me (What was she thinking??) to make her some throw pillows for her new couch. We picked out the fabric and inserts and I'm to make them.. Well, I FINALLY finished them!! Picture attached. I appreciate my sister having so much faith in me and she is taking me to see Daughtry tonight (because she is an amazing sister and I am more than grateful for how generous she is). I hope she likes them. I'm a huge fan of the fabric and I really want to see if I can find more so that I can do something in our house with it. I even used a finishing stich on it that I really like and if I had not procrastinated like a horrible sister that I am, I would have done this stich around the whole thing... But I feel like I NEED to have them done for this impending gift she is bestowing on me. I should actually probably pay her for the fabric since I took so long. (Only since Easter, yo..)

Anyway, our apartment is now box central and we have begun the REAL countdown to home ownership! 9 DAYS! 9 DAYS! 9 DAYS! We are at single digits people! Single Digits! I can not wait. Now the big debate is when will we get out of this apartment for good and be officially solely in the house. Hubby thinks the end of the month but I don't know if I will wait that long. Like the sooner we get it painted, I'm going to want to be IN! (Did I mention my sis is taking a day off to help me paint?? I was going to title this about the moving day question mark but frankly, this should be devoted to her who does so much for me..) Dad helped us pick up our W/D and then we are painting and frankly I just want to be in!

Also, who decided to close on Memorial Day? I mean people are busy that weekend. We can't get move help or paint help or really be able to do it quickly. Should have looked at the calender when we picked that day. But to be fair, 45 days have flown by and I don't know if I could have made it 60 days. I guess we'll just use the Jeep and my car to schlep stuff back and forth until we do the big move, which is TBD.

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