Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Results are in..

THEY ACCEPTED! We will be home owners assuming that the inspection goes well next week and that nothing crazy happens with financing or anything like that we will be homeowners.

I just can not believe it.. Three weeks ago, we hadn't even been to an open house, Saturday we'd never seen this house and now, it's ours! (providing of course, the above..) I don't think I can write anymore. I am just over the moon happy and am dreaming of paint colors.

Monday, April 12, 2010

We made an offer.. Can they refuse?

Okay, sick, sick, I know. And I also know they can refuse our offer, but gee-willikers, I hope they don't! So, which house did we pick? My hubby's fave or mine??

Yup, we didn't pick either. My parents came down on Friday to look at our top picks and basically they convinced me that the house I loved needed a lot of work in order to make it a good, reliable house. So I acquiesed, and agreed to put on offer on his fave. Well, when we called our realtor, he said he had another house we really just needed to see before we made an offer. (Have I mentioned how much I like our realtor? He's really great... and good looking, not that it is important, but if you are a visual learner like myself, it helps.) So we go see this house, and WHAM! THIS IS IT! It has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a lot of space and TREMENDOUS amount of character that I just died for. I mean it is beautiful and we both really really like it. So without even any hesitation we agreed to meet today and make an offer. I can't believe it, and I am just so hoping they accept. We made a pretty aggressive offer and hope that they will take it.

So who knows, maybe there will be OUR HOUSE PICTURES on here soon!!! Prayers, crossed fingers, and prayer boats all welcome!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The house hunt begins

So after what seems of ages of nagging Mike, as he usually does, he surprise me by getting us preapproved for a mortgage one day while I'm at work. It seems like I have to work and work at Mike to get him to agree to do something and then WHAMMO he just does it, after I have given up and think that all hope is lost. Oy.

Monday : Hubby gets mortgage
Wednesday: Meet for the first time with our realtor (wow! OUR realtor!!)
Friday: go see houses for the first time.

Tomorrow/Wednesday: Look at second round of houses!

Can you believe it?? We don't fool around here I guess.. Well that and the fact we would like to take advantage of that good ol' tax credit. Thank you Mr Government. So after the first six houses, Hubby and I of course have picked two favorites.. Two DIFFERENT favorites. The rundown(with as little bias as possible, I will try)
My fave:
1910 red brick house with character out the hoohoo, loads of ugly wallpaper and MASSIVE POTETIONAL. (picture a dining room with chair rail, crown molding, great staircase with inlaid wood work) 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, attached two car garage. His complaint: too much work

His fave:
Traditional house with 3 TINY bedrooms, 1 bath, recent updates done poorly by the homeowner (seriously, no mudding over the drywall tape:() Nice living room and dining room but the second floor is TINY. (I think I mentioned that?)

So tomorrow we go to look at some new ones. Will a new favorite emerge? Will we find anything we can agree on? In my dream we are going to walk into one of these houses, give each other a look, and it's done; we've found the house. That's how we found our wedding venue, it was like we both knew right away that it was the perfect place for us. Here's hoping.