Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She's a Super...

Today anxiety set in.  We got our closing notice and the amount we are supposed to come to closing with was SIGNIFICANTLY more than what we were originally estimated to need.  And I FREAKED out.  Now this freak-y-deak-y-ness is legitimately compounded by the fact that I am still on the job hunt and having little success in finding one even though I had the best interview of my life two weeks ago and haven't heard ANYTHING... Sorry, I digress. I'm a little hyped up about it. 

Anywho, so as I looked over our closing statement, I forwarded it to my sister who once again saved my arse. Alright, in all legitimacy maybe our loan guy would have caught it BUT my sister caught it first.. and she caught it in like 10 minutes. She is amazing! Have I mentioned that? This is post numero dos devoted to how my sister is so fabulous. I mean the girl once again saved me big! So now they are changing things and my heart rate may revert to it's less deak-y stage.  Maybe. 

So. We were at a little over two days until the house BELONGS to us.  TWO DAYS. I am excited and happy and am wondering how soon we can get into it and out of this GOSH DARN apartment. 

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