Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carousel ride

Friday was a BLUR.....  Our closing was at 10 a.m. and so we met our realtor at 9:30 for our final walk through. When we got to the house all I could think was, "this is our house, this is our house, this is our house.."  It was like the most racing feeling.  I felt like all I was doing was staring in wonder and not really doing a "final inspection".  Oops. 

So then, we went to the title company and from the moment we sat down, I feel like the day went by in a blur.  First I'm signing my name, and then our friend was at OUR house, popping a bottle of champagne and celebrating our first house.  I mean, it was just unbelievable!  We took over a few car loads of stuff with just my car but I feel like all I could do is sit and stare. This is our house! When we returned to our apartment, it was like going to a cave, I told my hubby that it was hard to be here, in this little space when we OWNED something fantastic and open a few miles from here. 

I also told him thank you.  Having my own home has been a dream of mine for a long long time.  Not long too many years ago, someone I thought I was going to marry also bought a house with me.  And then not long after the door closed on our home, he walked away with the house and I walked away to find myself and who I was independently.  That lead me to meeting ME, finding ME and finding a great place where I grew as a person.  And after I grew as a person, I met my hubby and well, this horse met her carriage.  And the carousel keeps turning full circle and here I am, with keys to a new future and a new dream. It's a really wonderful feeling and means more than just having a space of our own.