Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why snow days make you a bad person

So the snow is falling in Minnesota and no work for me today. So what do I do? Indulge in BAD BAD habits..
Number one: I made homemade Chex Mix, and am chowing down on it for my lunch (!) and should really be leaving some for the hubby who loves it. (side note: I put it away to write this post however the bowl is calling me)
Number two: its almost one... not dressed/showered/etc
Number three: Facebook. I will confess I love to snoop. I am so interested in other peoples lives and sometimes think I should have been a sociologist because I find it so fascinating...... Or maybe I'm just nosey.. Feel free to judge. So heres what happens next: I get this message from this girl who wants to know how I know these two friends that we apparently have in common. She claims we grew up together and I have NOOO memory of her. But fine.. whatever I add her and begin snooping to see if I can remember who she is, see if anything jogs the ol' brain, etc.. Well, I see some guy who's post is " back after our wedding weekend, pictures posted." Now, I dont' know this guy from Adam but hell, I'm bored so I click on him because I love weddings (secretly, I would like to be a wedding planner.. its an addiction. People said it was just because I was getting married but I love them.. I LOVE them still) So this is, honest to goodness, the most tacky wedding.

So here are the details to this secretly spyed on wedding by me:
1. Fake flowers. thats right, straight from Michael's Craft section fake red roses and white carnations. And THEY LOOKED FAKE. Now I know some people say there are spendy ones that look real, (I for one have not seen them) but these WERE NOT THOSE!
2. The groom is in the military as were all his groomsman so they wore their dress blues. Awesome. So why then are the bridesmaids wearing tacky light green pastel dresses??
3. The bride wore a headpiece that looks like one of those child's play tiaras that you get at a Renaissance Fair with white fake flowers on it. Enough said
4. Flower girl-- in BRIGHT RED
5. The cake looked like they picked it up at the grocery store that morning. It was a sheet cake that said congrats Sean and Melissa **(names have been changed to protect the innocent)
6. I couldn't tell what the venue was but there were clown masks hanging on the wall and those creepy crying clown pictures??

Now, I should not judge. It is terrible. Who am I to say? I am not perfect nor am I claiming my wedding was the epitome of weddings. However I want to know.. What was the bride thinking? How did it come together as it did? To all of you in blog space, I'm sorry if I have offended but CLOWNS?? REALLY?