Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilting : A gateway drug

So, as my little projects come along here, the EXACT thing I predicted happened. I pasted some of my quilting projects on my facebook page, so that friends who have not seen my blog could check them out. So, as predicted in a previous post, people have COME OUT of the wood work trying to recruit me for other crafty things!! After the latest request, I said to Mike on the way home,"Seriously, they say marijuana is a getway drug, well let me tell you, QUILTING is the gateway drug of crafting!" I so so appreciate that people want to get together with me and be crafty and have some fun. Trust me, with all of this down and out stuff right now in the job department, I need some friend time. However, I DO NOT want to stamp, crop, scrapbook, knit, cross stich, etc. My sewing machine and I are fine together and will be fine nor do we need your drugs of choice. Thank you though.

That being said, please check out my latest pics of the quilt I am working on. We are two and a half strips of seven down. Also I made these coasters, which two were very successful, two were less so.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Green

Well Gee Thanks Universe.. apparently you are listening to me. I hope that follows with a job. So Mike sat down with me this evening and ACTUALLY looked together at houses and found some really cute ones and some HORRIBLE ones and he said he is going to ask around tomorrow for a realtor in the area is good. This is a step forward! I am hoping that he gets some good recommendations because I feel like it's all about a recommendation when it comes to things like realtors. Would it be wrong to post the super cute house that we found? Maybe I should keep it a secret so no one swoops in and grabs it from me!! All I'm going to say is brick two story with old school charm and lots of ugly wallpaper that I would be happy to take down and do a little re-deco on. The front door is white and has such presence and I could just see it with like two little kids sitting on the front step with their first day of school outfits on.. Just a dream.. And maybe a few flower boxes... A girl can dream, can't she.

So.. Any thoughts out there in blog land on how to pick a good realtor? I want someone who will get my taste and Mike's and understand we need a good compromise and are first time home buyers who are green.. like spring green. (I didn't have a title for this post until I wrote that.. there was no set up, I promise) I want to pick someone who isn't like too pushy because if I can't find the right house at this moment, I am willing to wait. And of course there is the fact that Mike is SUPER NEW ENGLAND, meaning he is blunt, doesn't mince words and is not rude but if he doesn't like it, he will tell you. Not always how things work or how people act in Minnesota. So a good cultural experience, I guess.

So Tips? I'll take whatever you've got anyone who is reading this.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Universe

I NEED A JOB... I'm starting this post by putting it out into the universe. I have found in a weird way this week that certain things I have been hoping for that I put out into the universe have come true and come around, thus, I'm putting what I REALLY need out into the biggest universe I can think of at the moment: the blogo-sphere.

See, here's the thing: Mike and I (but honestly, more so Mike) are very very practical, especially when it comes to money. Mike has been known to, when making a new purchase, searching the internet for hours scoping out reviews, reading recommendations and searching for the right "one". I figure, heck, he chose me so he must be a pretty good picker, right? (hardy-har-har) When he bought the Jeep, it took him a LONG time to find the right one. Some day I will have to tell the legend of the Jeep, including the spot of groomsman at our wedding. When he bought his first hunting rifle, he spent SIX months picking just the right one. Anyhow, so no major purchase in this house is made without a lot of perusal and thought.

Bringing this around to the universe, I am dying to get a house as I shared previously. And Mike and I both would like that to be AFTER I get a job so we can get not just a lot of house, but also so we can make it wonderful and not be that dreaded word.. HOUSEPOOR. As a result, we have been saving saving saving since we got married, especially after we moved here. Since we are saving, I have been saying "no" to a lot of things I would have loved to do; trips to Mexico and Vegas with friends, shopping excursions, new living room furniture, a new bed, more extravagent Christmas gifts to one another, the list goes on. (maybe that list was too long. but there is a lot I feel like I have passed on) I am happy to sacrafice these things so Mike and I can reach our goal but some days, and for some reason, especially today, it makes me crazy and I just want to say to hell with it, and go book a trip for Mike and I to somewhere fabulous. Alas.. as I said before we are planners and Mike is a mega planner so I will keep on for the betterment of our future.

So now, dear universe, hear me. I need a JOB.